19th February Buenos Aires

I have a long blog in preparation but the breaking news is that we have retrieved the cars in slightly less than one day. We drove back into Buenos Aires tonight, through fairly typical heavy traffic, the only incident being the splitting of the three car convoy less than a mile from the apartment. However after some exploration of local streets, some more than once, all three cars are safely garaged and we can therefore leave BA as planned tomorrow 20th February.

We have had enormous support from many people here and I shall write later about that. For now we are content to be able to begin our journey, although sad to be leaving friends here in BA.

Tomorrow our first stop will be Maguire near Pergamino, the estancia of Santiago Ortega.

13 thoughts on “19th February Buenos Aires

  1. At last you are on your way. I will be thinking about you every minute of the trip.Take care all of you. Love from a very cold Mummy/Veronica in the UK

  2. You will not belive your eyes when you get to Santiago Sanchez Orega estancia, or farm for the UK readers. Much enjoyed having lunch with you all, thanks Stan for putting up with my endless questions. God bless you all, and the little cars also.
    Will follow you and keep you company from my screen here in Buenos Aires.

  3. So glad to read that your cars are all together. Even better to know that you are all together. We are looking forward to reading more of your adventures!
    Meanwhile, here in Bynum, Clyde is creating cats that are awesome, and they were showing this past weekend at the folk arts festival at Fearrington. Not outside though, because believe it or not, we had snow! (No accumulation though, but oh so pretty.)

  4. Hi, Best of luck in you great adventure, I have a 1933 RP Saloon and after 42 years it still gives great pleasure to drive. Saw John Coleman at Gadon in 1997
    when he gave a talk about his drive from B.A. to New York. Must now re read his Coleman’s Drive book. Take care and look forward to reading about your journey.

  5. Looks like we shall be doing a ‘River Dukes; I presume’ somewhere between Los Andes and Arequipa!
    We wish you a safe journey and are looking forward to meeting you all.
    Who should bring the bubbles?

  6. Hi Amanda and Jack, Looks like things finally kicked off yesterday, looking forward to hearing all about it, take care of yourselves (that goes for everyone obviously) and dont go speeding over there! Clo, Leigh and Archie (ive taught archie to throw a ball a shout ‘owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwzaaaaaaaaaaaaat’!)

  7. Great news guys and a wonderful blog/website. Away at last must be quite a relief. I shall be following closely and I really am a little envious but the summer here and there is becoming very full for me.


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