In 2009 four Austin 7s and seven people drove from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Argentina and returned to Buenos Aires through Puerto Natales in Chile. (See www.austinstoargentina.net) The journey was inspired by John Coleman’s account of his 1959 journey through the Americas in a 1926 Austin 7.

John Coleman found his 1926 chummy abandoned in a hedge on Port Meadow, Oxford, England. He bought it knowing it needed a new back axle and after using it for some years conceived the idea of following a journey that had inspired him in the book Tschiffley’s Ride, a journey on horse-back from Argentina to New York in the mid 1920’s.

In the year after our journey in 2009, the idea to follow the route of John Coleman’s journey took root. I was fortunate enough to meet John on several occasions and in April 2011, we met at the conclusion of a 750 Club run to Brighton. I re-counted our adventure in 2009 and told him of my desire to follow in the footsteps of his journey. His enthusiasm and encouragement to do exactly that gave me the push start I needed to begin to think it could be done, 54 years later in cars now at least 80 years old.