The journey

By Ro-Ro ferry from Tilbury UK. to Buenos Aires in Argentina to New York USA, via Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, ferry to Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and America. 12 countries, 11,000 + miles, in four months. The route is mostly as run by John Coleman, although he shipped his car from Ecuador to Panama, missing Colombia, along the Pan-American Highway. The Highway now has all the bridges in place, which in 1959 were not all built, however the ‘Darien Gap’ between Colombia and Panama still has no road through.

We will carry our spares with us and with the assistance of local services make any repairs necessary. We anticipate completing the journey within four months.
The cars are being carefully prepared, all have replacement crankshafts (Phoenix) and known weak spots have been re-enforced or rebuilt with the mileage and stresses and strains in mind. As seasoned 7 travellers, and with the knowledge gained from previous journeys by others, the list of possible failures and spares required can be distilled into manageable proportions.